2019-2020 Start of Season Details

Tryouts will be held on Oct. 12th & 13th. Please refer the tryouts tab for further details as they become available.

Formal practices will begin in November, Games will begin in early January.

The estimated cost for the season will be between $650 and $750. The cost will include uniforms & equipment, practice time, tournament & shootout entry fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. The final cost will be determined prior to the beginning of the season 

Changes for the 2018-2019 Feeder Season

  1. Team Size- Consensus was that we needed to reduce the size of the teams in order to enhance the overall skill development of the program.  Specifics to be discussed further, but the initial thoughts were to keep around 22 at the 6th grade level and, no more than, 20 at 7th and 8th grade.

  2. Structure of A and B Teams- Consensus was that we should have more defined A and B teams for game playing.  The full groups should continue to practice together.  Two options for further consideration on team splitting:

    1. Split teams at the beginning of the season.  Teams stay together until a mid season point, at which time there may be some changes.  This is similar to how freshmen teams are handled in high school.

    2. Split the teams after the first two weeks of games.  Teams stay together for the rest of the season, unless obvious adjustments need to be made.

  3. Coaching Structure- Consensus was to attempt to have two “non parent” coaches for each grade.  This would allow A and B games to be covered by non parent coaches.   

  4. Evaluation/Training of all Coaches:

    1. We will review all prior year coaches and, as in the past, will work to improve the player/parent /coach experience for all involved.

    2. We are still addressing the issue of parent coaches and what their involvement will be in the program.  Specifics will depend on our ability to attract non parent coaches.  At a minimum, we will put greater emphasis on coach training to insure our coaches all meet the highest standards of the program.

  5. Uniforms/Equipment:

    1. Move to backpacks over bags.

    2. Explore some new uniform options.

    3. Purchase IPads for each team.  Plan to have parents film all games, which will be immediately uploaded to HUDL, which all families will have access to.

  6. Scheduling.

  7. Preseason Practice- Consensus was to start formal team practices in November, and early December, then to reduce the number of practices over winter break.  Currently, eleven planned practices over the two week break.  Reduce this to around eight.

  8. Season Practice- Considered adding a third day of practice per week.  Additional cost would be around $5,000 for the season.  Also, do not have any real space options.  Consensus is to stick to two practices per week, but to make sure we get the two days every week for the ten week season.

  9. Season Games- Consensus was to keep the current structure of playing games only on weekends, and primarily on Sundays.  Total games will be 28-30.  Will strive to find games/tournaments that follow high school rules, including the use of a stop clock versus a running clock.

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