The purpose of the “Feeder” program is to provide an opportunity, for young men, in 6th through 8th grades, to participate in an advanced program in basketball. The primary emphasis will be on skill development, team play, sportsmanship, and community representation.  The boys will have the opportunity to meet, and play with, kids from other middle schools, whom they will attend high school with.


Affiliation with Prospect High School

The term “feeder,” in this instance, represents boys feeding into the Prospect High School program.  The long term goal is to develop quality players and enhance the opportunity for them to play at the high school level.  The high school coaches are involved in the program in an advisory capacity and usually attend several games throughout the season.  Prospect High School provides the vast majority of facility space for the program.


Boys living within the boundaries of Prospect High School and enrolled in 6th through 8th grade. You may not play up, so 5th graders are ineligible to play. 



The estimated cost for the season will be between $650 and $750. The cost will include uniforms & equipment, practice time, tournament & shootout entry fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. The final cost will be determined prior to the beginning of the season. We believe all players should have the opportunity to participate, if you are in need of financial support please contact us. 

Program Time Frame

  • Tryouts will take place in October.

  • Formal practice will begin in November.

  • 3-5 practices a week will be held over winter break.

  • Games will start the weekend of January 4th.  

  • We will host the season-ending tournament the weekend of March 7th.  

  • During this time frame anticipate playing 25-35 games.  

  • Games are planned to be only on the weekends.  

  • Anticipate practicing 2-3 times per week between January 7th & March 9th. 

 We recognize that some players may go on vacations over Christmas break.  This does not preclude them from being on the team.  Please discuss situations like this with a feeder representative prior to the tryout.


Based on the information above, it is anticipated that the teams will be together up to two nights during the week as well as on Saturday and Sunday.  This is a big commitment to make.  We recognize that the boys may have conflicts and always emphasize that school and family are always the first priority.  Should any of the boys be involved in an activity for another sport we expect that the “feeder” commitment be given priority, as much as possible.  We highly recommend not participating in another basketball program during the season.  Should you decide to participate with another team, we would again expect that the “feeder” commitment would have priority.

Team Size & Structure

Prospect was one of the first programs to take expanded rosters.  Over the years we have experimented with different structures.  For 2019-2020 7th and 8th grades, teams will have an approximate roster size of 20 players, 6th grade will have an approximate roster size of 22 players. An A & B team will be created at each grade level. Once teams are finalized they will remain the same for the rest of the season unless coaches determine that a change is crucial for player development. Teams will practice together.   

Playing Time

We have been very successful over the years in scheduling extra games and tournaments in order to maximize the progress of all of the participants by getting them as much game competition as possible. With that, feeder basketball teams are competitive and playing time will not be equal or guaranteed.  Practices will be structured for the development of all of the participants on the team.  We are committed to developing as many players as possible within our program.

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